Most impressive views in the UK

Charlie Young

Charlie Young

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There’s nothing quite as captivating as an amazing view that goes on for miles. It really does make you feel on top of the world. We’re lucky that here in the UK, there are so many great places we can go to take in the horizon, get some fresh air, and really appreciate the true scale of nature.

1. Ben Nevis and the Highlands

The view from the top of Ben Nevis is breathtaking, but for something really special, make your way to the top of its neighbouring mountain, Carn Mor Dearg, to appreciate a full view of Britain’s highest peak in all its splendour.

Ben nevis

Ben Nevis



2. Mount Snowdon

No matter where you look from the top of Mount Snowdon, every view is like a picture postcard. The jewel in the crown has to be the view to the east, overlooking Llyn Llydaw; the perfect combination of mountain and open water. If you’re willing to brave the elements, it looks even more magical when there’s a dusting of snow!

Giants causeway

Giant's Causeway

3. Giant’s Causeway

Explore the path of giants on the coast of Northern Ireland, with views of some of the most unique geology on the planet. The interlocking basalt columns that make up Giant’s Causeway are a rare result of ancient volcanic activity (or a path laid by a giant, as legend would have it), making it a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the perfect place for a big adventure!

4. Richmond Park

If you want to find the perfect blend between beautiful nature and the city, then head to Richmond Park. Sawyer’s Hill is one of the best places to take in the London skyline without paying for it - and there’s lots of wildlife to see, including deer!

Richmond park

Richmond Park

Lake district

Buttermere, Lake Disctrict

5. Buttermere, Lake District

Follow the trail from the lakeside all the way up to the peaks of Red Pike and Haystacks to get some of the best views in this remarkable part of the UK. The lake itself is very accessible, and with leisurely strolls taking 2-3 hours, it makes for the perfect family day out.


White Cliffs of Dover

6. White Cliffs of Dover

The iconic cliffs make for the perfect vantage point to look out to sea, spot some unusual boats, and see if you can see France! But more than just a lookout point, the white cliffs make for an amazing view themselves, whether you’re looking on from St. Margaret’s Bay, Shakespeare Beach, or even by boat from the channel.

Lizard point

Lizard Point

7. Lizard point

For dramatic cliffs, turquoise seas and beautiful beaches, there’s no better place to go than the Lizard. Lizard Point is the most southerly point in the UK, and the whole peninsula is the perfect place for spotting shipwrecks. It’s also home to Britain’s rarest breed bird, the Cornish Chough, so don’t forget your binoculars!

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