Looking to make the switch? Below we’ll discuss everything about this incredible technology and why you should consider electric for your next car.

Now, the most common causes for concern with electric vehicles include range anxiety as well as cost and charging capabilities. While these are always considerations, the technology has evolved massively in recent years and some of the benefits may surprise you.

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Environmentally conscious

The main reason most drivers choose electric is the impact they have on the planet. They’re a far more environmentally friendly way of getting from A-to-B when compared to a combustion engine.

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Ever growing range of models to choose from

As more vehicle manufacturers invest in electric, we see more choice when it comes to models - making it far more likely to find one that suits your needs and taste.

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Improved range and infrastructure

Battery technology has improved hugely in recent years, to the point where it can easily cover the majority of journeys. Plus, charging infrastructure is much more readily available up and down the country.

More benefits

Lower total cost of ownership

Another major selling point for electric vehicles are the fuel and tax costs. These are cheaper to run than a traditional combustion engine.

Less frequent servicing

Compared to a combustion engine, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts. This means less maintenance is required to keep each element operating smoothly.

Additional savings

The savings don’t stop at maintenance, fuel and tax. There’s government and home grants for wall box charging, exemption from clean air zones and congestion charges, plus local benefits such as free parking and use of bus lines.

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Say hello to the Volkswagen ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3 takes everything you love about Volkswagen and combines it with cutting-edge technologies that hugely reduce your carbon footprint as you drive. It’s the first of our next generation of electric vehicles, setting new benchmarks in performance, comfort and design. But what really matters, is whether the ID.3 passes your test.

Not switched on to EVs yet? Try it. Before you buy it.

We’re giving you the chance to see how having an electric vehicle suits you. Simply book and enjoy the ID.3 for up to 7 days and if you decide the future is electric, we’ll refund your rental costs when you order one*.

VW ID.3 is available to try before you buy at Birmingham, Bury St Edmunds, Durham, Ipswich & Solihull.

*T&Cs apply: click here for full terms and conditions.

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