Hybrid Range

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Undecided about whether an Electric Vehicle is for you, why not try out our Hybrid range?

Below we'll discuss all the benefits which will ease your switch.

What Hybrid Vehicles do we offer at VWFS Rent-a-Car?

  • The Volkswagen Golf 8 Life 1.5 Ltr eTSI
  • The ŠKODA Superb Hatch SE L 1.4 Ltr TSI iV
  • The Volkswagen Multivan Life Hybrid

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Did you know there are different types of Hybrid vehicles?

We offer two types...


Likewise to a full-hybrid, the mild hybrid vehicle type uses a battery-powered electric motor in support of a traditional petrol or diesel engine. This has many benefits such as improved efficiency and reduced emissions. However, unlike hybrid types such as plug-in hybrids, mild hybrid vehicles cannot function on electric power alone. Instead, they have a small electric motor that is connected directly to the traditional engine, and this gives the vehicle a slight boost when accelerating.

Mild hybrids also don't need to be charged as they use regenerative braking to charge the battery while driving.

Plug-in Hybrid

Now, plug-in hybrids on the other hand act as a really good stepping stone for you if you still have that range anxiety with fully electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrids have a smaller fuel engine compared to mild hybrid vehicles and can be powered exclusively by electric power.

Due to their larger battery pack, plug-in hybrids gain little charge from regenerative braking. Therefore, they must be plugged in to get the full zero-emission benefits.

Once the battery goes flat in your plug-in hybrid, the electric motor will still provide some assistance to the fuel engine, saving fuel compared to a fuel-only vehicle.

So with the help of that fuel-engine fallback, remove range anxiety and try out our hybrid vehicle range.

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