Volkswagen Transporter

Transporter street side hhview

Classic, Versatile, Iconic.

The Volkswagen Transporter is a classic van that holds an iconic status on the roads of the UK. This vehicle really does have great versatility as it comes in a variety of different formats.

  • Transporter Panel Van
  • Transporter Kombi
  • Transporter Luton Van
  • e-Transporter
  • Transporter Kombi Premium Spec

These models have a range of options and customisations which set them apart from the rest of the market, from sliding doors on both sides to a single rear door. Not only that, but we also offer customers the option to rent the Transporter Panel Van with either short or long wheelbases.

Do you need that extra bit of seating in your Volkswagen Transporter? Then hire out our Kombi Edition of the Transporter which comes with up to 6 seats and of course plenty of room for a range of items.

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Inside the Volkswagen Transporter...

Some of the Volkswagen Transporter Highlights

Range of doors

The varying doors on the Transporter from double side access to twin rear doors, add to its flexibility, depending on what you need to load and how you want to load it. Check with the location you are booking with to see what options they have.

Range of sizes

The Transporter Panel Van can come in two different wheelbases and two different roof heights. So you can choose which one is right for your needs.

Interior comfort

The Transporter has been ergonomically designed for driving comfort. Easy-to-reach controls and storage make driving this van a pleasure.

(Please contact your nearest location to check which features your vehicle comes with, as these can change depending on availability & model year)

What models do we have available for hire at VWFS Rent-a-Car?

Model range Height Interior load space
Transporter Panel Van SWB Low roof 1990mm 5.8m2
Transporter Panel Van SWB Low roof Automatic 1990mm 5.8m2
Transporter Panel Van LWB Low roof 1990mm 5.8m2
Transporter Kombi 1990mm N/A
Transporter Kombi Auto 1990mm N/A
Transporter Panel Van LWB Low roof Auto 1990mm 5.8m2
e-Transporter 1990mm 5.8m2
Transporter Luton Van 2256mm 6.7m2
Transporter Kombi Premium Spec 1990mm N/A
Transporter Kombi Premium Spec Auto 1990mm N/A

*Customers may choose between either LWB or SWB options. However, please note that this is specific to each location as not all dealerships can offer both wheelbases. Contact your nearest location to see whether they can supply you with either option.

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