Smallest of our vans

The Caddy van is easy to drive and the smallest van we have. If you are not used to driving large vehicles, but need to transport goods, this van is a good start. We have options available from the panel van to the Kombi, which allows you to transport more people as well as goods.

Caddy interior


There are many different storage compartments within the cab of the Caddy, so you can store the things you need to hand easily.

Caddy loading


You can easily load items in to the rear or side of the Caddy, making it versatile for larger and smaller items.

Caddy Maxi Kombi

Various body styles

As well as the Caddy Panel Van you can also get a Maxi, which has a larger load space or a Kombi which allows for you to transport more passengers.

Model name^ Length Load space
Caddy Panel Van 4408mm 3.2m3
Caddy Panel Van Auto 4408mm 3.2m3
Caddy Maxi Panel Van 4878mm 4.2m3
Caddy Maxi Kombi 4878mm 1.6m3 (with rear seats in place)
Caddy Life Van 4408mm 3.2m3 (with rear seats removed)
Caddy Life Van Auto 4408mm 3.2m3 (with rear seats removed)

^Models vary by location, please use the booking tool at the top of the page to see what models are available at your chosen location.

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