Large van

The Crafter is the largest of our vans. It comes in varying wheelbases and roof heights, so can accommodate most of your hiring transportation needs.

Crafter sizes

Various body styles

The Crafter comes in two main wheelbase options; medium (MWB) and long wheelbase (LWB) for the Panel Van and also as a Luton with a square box rear.

Crafter loading

Load space

With a large load space you can fit an array of items through the rear doors or side door.

Crafter interior

Interior comfort

The inside of the Crafter has been designed with the driver in mind. Making it comfortable and easy to drive, even for those not used to driving such a large vehicle.

Model name^ Length Height Load volume
Crafter Panel Van MWB High roof 5986mm 2.59m 11.3m3
Crafter Panel Van MWB High roof Automatic 5986mm 2.59m 11.3m3
Crafter Panel Van LWB High roof 6836mm 2.59m 14.3m3
Crafter Panel Van LWB High roof Auto 6836mm 2.59m 14.3m3
Crafter Luton 6794mm 2.12m (internal) 17m3
Crafter MWB Single Cab Tipper Load Length: 3400mm 2.59m 3.5 tonnes

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